Release Your Child’s Fear Challenge

Personal and Professional secrets to set your scared child free 

For Moms💪💖

1 week of personal FBLIVES to give you the insights you want for your child!

Yvonne met margriet

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🌞A dayly Superpersonal, Warm, Fierce, Focused, Practical Facebook live from 5-15 minuts in my private FB group for mom’s with too scared kids till the age of 10 

🌞Here I reveal to you (in short) the proces of 50 years HOW went from being scared all the time to a light-hearted woman AND what moved the needle💪

🌞Here I’ll  share with you the shortcut to guide your anxious child towards living with confidence and ease.

Get the answer to the most frequently asked question:

Yvonne, How can I shortcut in making my child feel at ease and confident?

One of the most used words “my moms” nowadays say more than ever is: HOW

The feelings that I often notice with that HOW word is: despair, pain, clueless, guilt, shame

It is so painful for your child and for You, your family.

It is tough to speak outloud that you don’t know it anymore, isn’t it?😔


I know from my own experience that these feelings make it even harder to really help your child


You really, really, really want to stop your child’s aching and worrying inside and uplift it’s world again

So it can be it’s radiant self again.. Don’t we all?




I see and feel the increase of anxious, worried kids since 2020, so If you feel this is for you; I am on your team, Mom!

This time in an exciting new way for me, a private FB group🤩🤸‍♀️

To do what I love most:

Share and pass on to uplift ✨the people I meet in:


🌞How you can lead your child’s emotions calmly, even the loudes ones..

🌞How you yourself can make a difference in your child’s behaviour

🌞How you can lead your anxious, stressed-out child towards ease and confidence within weeks. With Peace and Focus.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

And NO, there are no strings attached to this free event, only your

willing and warm you, other mom’s and me in this adventure!

After this week:

  • You know and see the signals of anxiety and overwhelming
  • You know what the reasons are that cause anxiety
  • You know how and have practiced in calming your child down in a next level manner
  • You understand what you are doing and why that benefits your anxious child
  • You understand what you yourself can do to improve your child’s wellbeing (no presents😂)
  • You know how to and have practiced how to lead your child towards a life with ease and fun
  • You yourself feel more in control of situations in general.
  • You feel more at ease meeting ‘negative’ people
  • You can set boundaries more easily for your child’s well-being aswell as your own.

Sneakpeak? Watch this video:

Yvonne met margriet

For whom?

🌞If you are an openminded mom with an anxious, overwhelmed, sensitive kid upto 10 yrs of age. 

🌞If you are desperate to set your child free  from being so scared

🌞If you are willing to commit whole-heartedly for 15 minutes a day for this week.

🌞If you are prepared to step into a world of ease (isn’t easy😉)

🌞If you like to learn to use fun (heart) in a practical way (mind) to help your child overcome it’s obstacles.

If that’s you? I’d love to meet you😍

Where and when?

From Thursday September 30th till Wednesday October 20th.  At 16.00 CET (Netherlands) For 5-15 minutes .

In a private Facebookgroup with lives during weekdays.

All info, questions, announcements, coaching, worksheets take place in this private facebookgroup- If you can’t attend LIVE, you can watch and use the content during those three weeks.


We'll start in: (CET)








Why should I listen to you, Yvonne?

Good question!

Let me take you back to 50 years ago:

I was 6 years old, my tiny arms folded underneath my head, laying on the desk at school. I pretended to be asleep. My glasses damped. the schoolbell rang, I pretended to be a sleep still. I wanted to escape, vanish… Because I didn’ dare  to go outside… It felt so scared, unsafe to go the classmates, the yard, noises, people… But I couldn’t tell the teacher.  I had no words. “Let her sleep”, the teacher whispered to the assistant..

I still ache a bit for my little self when I think of her in that situation…


That was one example of many in which I reached out for help.

My mom, teacher, the professionals  didn’ t / couldn’t see it or reached me or taugh me what worked to conquer my fears.. So I had to figger it out myself. From ‘toughen up’, to acting like I was an invisible nobody, to thinking positive. From seeing patterns in behaviour and acting regardingly. It made me cope with the world around me, but I didn’t feel like I had fun. I wasn’t happy because I made no decisions from what felt right for me.

That was the solution. That reassurance I felt. Undesscribable.  After decades I started to share my journey and tools. I discovered that my journey looked like the struggle of young kids nowadays. Where my own mom and professionals weren’t able to guide me to a nicer life, I noticed I could work together with mom’s in order to help their own child. Towards living with ease and joy. I do this for over 15 years and mainly when there is Highly Sensitivity or Autism involved.

People say about me

( in Dutch, so I translated it):

Together Growing Into Next Level Ways To Help Your Child 

From Thursday September 30th- Wednesday October 20th

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