Frequently Asked Questions

No contract with the municipality or health insurer

I myself have a strong need to live my life in freedom. Being my own woman and taking my own responsibility. If you choose me, you also have those needs. In addition, I offer free services, so that everyone can grow despite their budget.

Can I pay in installments?

Of course. We discuss together in how many terms. . I do charge € 25.00 administration costs per term.

What If we do't reach our goals?
We set goals together. We give a figure to the initial situation. Of course we have a lot of contact. If something in our path don’t feel right, we both initiate and speak about it. When paying in installments, you can always indicate that you will stop prematurely. In advance it can also be decided to use no cure no pay. I don’t refund money. My energy, commitment, knowledge and involvement is guaranteed and is spent.