Just Yvonne


Do you see my bright and shiny radiant picture?

It has taken some time, but after some decades of fiddling, I shine again.

Be sure to read on if you want to know what hopeful and warning message I have for you.

Let me tell you what happened :

When I was 6 years old,
I walked up the stairs at night,
turned on the light on the landing,
looked in my bedroom window,
Suddenly I saw a shadow of a man with a big head and BOOM !

No idea if I really saw it or not, Only

From that day on, I changed from an introverted girl to a scared, frozen, or furious child .

Searching for salvation in clenching jaws, searching in vain for safety in my mother’s bed until 13 years old.

Hypervilation, when I had to go to high school. I felt panicked, powerless, lost all the time.


My parents and professionals couldn’t reach me, they weren’t using the right ways to communicate with me, so I continued to struggle on my own. Always overactive thinking and trying to find security in finding: HOW, HOW, HOW! But that still didn’t make me feel reassured and safe in the world.


It wasn’t until I learned what my body and intuition was telling me that it all came into place.

THEN I started to feel less panic. I became my own anchor in this world. That makes tackling the tension that we just experience in our lives SOOOO much easier .


Together we will discover the anchors in your child.

We make visible what is going on

What your child can do (first with your help) to feel calm

Still, keep taking steps. time after time.

Please take the brake off!