I help you to help your child.

You sweet, tough mama

You’ve done so much and yet you feel like you can’t help your child. It continues to feel anxious and behaves accordingly. It hurts you to see this. You feel powerless, suffocated with questions and don’t make a single step forward. From now on!


I help you with this:

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To share my experiences and thoughts with you. Use it to your advantage. Have yourself confirmed what you already nicely have in order. Open the door to inspiration in a FREE approachable way.




Free 3 step approach to anxiety

You click on the green button. You will then receive my 7-minute video in the mail. My practical, proven quick and easy 3 step approach to help your child with his specific fear (It is in English).



Basic Training Reduce Childhood Anxiety Without Loose Blanks

This Basic Training is made in English. You can always email me if something is not clear to you! info@yvonnevandenbergcoaching.nl




Workshop Reduce Childhood Anxiety Without Loose Flodders

Working together instead of on your own. In 1 afternoon you have a blueprint to help your child reduce his fear with Focus and Fun. This workshop is taught in English and includes English material. If only Dutch people participate, we don’t speak English .







Schedule a match call for a 3 month trajectory

You can schedule a telephone appointment with the button at the bottom of this page. What are you running into? We chat further and get to the heart of the matter. That is what we will continue with Focus.


I give you total YVONNE commitment: with my energy, my inspiration, support, wisdom and tools. We are going to turn the fear into peace and self-confidence. In your child. In you as mom.


No one is “panting” on your neck, to be held accountable. Delicious isn’t it? You pay everything yourself. Possibly no cure no pay , if you still hear a soft doubting voice (or your partner 🤣) And… is there anything else needed, then I have great people in my mastermind team.



Let’s sparkle!

Be welcome, then we’ll go on the road together…

Do we both say yes to each other during a 3 month program?

Then we determine which figure we are working towards. We also start with that every time: How is the fear experienced by your child and/or you between 0 and 10.

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