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Does a Specific Fear makes your child so unhappy?



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Your child isn’t older then 10 yrs of age

It has a specific fear as in:

Fear of the dark

Fear to go to sleep

Scared of Monsters

Fear for certain Animals

Scared of noises

Afraid to Talk

Afraid for “scary” movies, books

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You are feeling so sorry for your sweetheart

You really, really want to helpit, it is too long now. This period of being scared.

Actually, it seems to rimple.. and your child seems to deteriate in talking, wetting its bed again…

You wonder, is this normal? Nothing what we try seems to work

Does my child needs a special approach? Actually, it is a rather sensitive child… Is that it?


You are stuck AND want the freedom to decide right now:

With whom you want to work with and surely it must feel like: Yes! You know what we are talking about

Who teaches with an open-minded, non judgemental and mutual respect how your child can come to ease and step forward into its small world. Time and time again.

No healthinsurance hocuspocus

No getting used to one and then she is gone…

No obligated “vulnerability” and lifelong diagnosis needed.

Your only wish is to lead your child to ease. A tailormade 2.0 appraoch that works and doesn’t take much time

I only work with Moms, because in my own experience Moms sense exactly and quickly what I mean, no offence dad…🤗

I teach you, to help your own child in accepting this specific fear right now, soften it a bit and diminish it.

You pay yourself (or a good aunt, like I had🤗: If you pay, you pay attention, I noticed.

Schedule a meeting, answer the send questions. I prepare and we make things christal clear.

Then I send you a proposal by mail what the best way is to help your child and we finetune this.

This is as specific as it gets for now 😊



Basic principle: ease and acceptance what is. It is what it is. Accepting gives room to CHANGE!


The next step is to calm down your child, so it can recover from this yekfeeling. Getting it’s feet back on the ground and live every day with the feeling that nothing can hold it back for long. I work with my own proven methodes, mixed with fine things from others.

My quality is to see behaviour and patterns and translate it in a visual, practical, easy, fun way for you to move on. Tailormade. I teach you how to act, where to focus on. The do’s and don’ts in your case. You help your own child in your own house. Powerful and normal. I coach you before and after. That is sufficient most of the times

Trust and let go (bit by bit)

Your child will need you less and less, because it knows how to calm itself down and what to do. That is a good thing, mom🌼

Any way, it won’t gain more specific fears, that’s for sure! (like I had!) The road to a happy life with bumps (jep) is open now


Dear Yvonne, A lot has changed thanks to you. Our son was able to take steps and became independant. We dared to let him go… inch by inch… We built up trust and feel confidence. Deep gratitude.

Fam. v. O.

Dear Yvonne, You are warm, funny and know what you are talking about. Thanks to you we are more able to recognize our’paterns’. We actually changed things for the better. Gratefull and HAPPYYYY

Fam A. te G.

So glad you exist

I have learnt a lot and it even worked!


Yvonne is a genius!

M. at G.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

N. K.

The pillar has transformed out of her coccoon. I am ready to fly, as a clourful butterfly to discover the world.

Love, hug


I know from my own experience what you can accomplish with your qualities. I wish that for all the clients whom you’ll meet.


Thanks for your effort, being there for us and being a very fine person. We sure have grown.

Fam e. B.

Thanks for taking this special time for me.


I ended up with Yvonne and the questions I had about my “special”daughter. I know Yvonne for quite some time now and her expertise aswell

It really had an impact on me and my daughter
Yvonne filmed interaction between me and my daughter and we talked about it afterwards. I found this very satisfying, because you can see what was REALLY going on. The small nice things I now noticed.
On a unconscious level I did a lot great. That empowered me and the bond between me and my daughter became closer.
I learned to let go on certain things.
So I had a very good experience with Yvonne
Greetings BZ

Hey Yvonne,

You help me to grow and keep moving forward I really sense that you inderstand what I feel deep down. I l love that!

Love from me


To make this world EVEN more beautiful and loving ( Hey, I choose a nice life, every moment of the day.. My best decision ever!) So I challenge myself to inspire and support as much young moms and kids as possible. I want to reach at least a 1000 families in coming 1000 days.

Yeah!!!! Let’s do this!!!

angstig kind

1000 days








1000 families

Yvonne with daisy

About “Scary pants” Yvonne

“Look over here. Living proof that ANYONE can feel differently. If you only know the way. If you know HOW and apply it every day.. It grows on you.

My Fear of the dark arose when I was 6, spread out to fear of dying, mirrors, ghosts, movies, social contacts and public places.

And because I wasn’t taught how to help myself, I had some intense years to find out what works very good.

I live an excellent life now, sometimes scared, but that is no issue. That’s Life AND I know what to do.!

Teach your child at this young age how to effectively deal with its fear. Nice and visual, practical and with inner peace to rely on itself.

The journey I took for over 40 years and over 15 years as a pro, I share with you, for you. This shortcut I would have longed to hear from my own mom.

Sidenote: I am used to high level, open minded and a playful approach because of lots of families with HSP and autisme, so you’re in good hands.

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