“Help, I’m stuck!”

“I can not take it anymore. I do not want to go on anymore. How often do we have to start over and try again?! I am sick and tired of it. Healthcare, autism, highly sensitivity, my family and I ?! I feel that we are ready for ANYTHING or SOMEONE else. More free and yet more connected. More loving, life enthousiastic, lighthearted AND growth. ” Do you recognize this?



If you recognize yourself in the following:

Deep down I know what I want, and HOW I want it. I just don’t get it right! I want me AND my young family to grow from survivaling to start living.

Clearly! You are ready to take a step when you feel and recognize this. I am here for you. As long as and when you need me. Now and in the future. I’m here! .

I myself have already gone through this process AND I have supported and led families in this process for over 10 years. I use my firm, soft hands, my warm heart, smart head and my involved soul for you. Yes! You can become a warm, firm leader for your children. Your son, daughter, partner and yourself will experience less struggle and loneliness. The bunch of you will grow to having more fun, lightheartedness, more feelings of… “ok… it is allright the way it is… ” Understanding more and acting accordingly.



The main thing is to accept what is. Within yourself and within your familymembers. Search and find what stabilizes and feels good.



What is neccessary to dive into. Together we’ll find out what works. In order to make you all BLOOM


On your way

‘Swimming in the sea of life’ You have your own wisdom and tools. Tuned and combined with mine, you crawl your way with more ease. I’ll join you from time to time. . .



Dear Yvonne, A lot has changed thanks to you. Our son was able to take steps and became independant. We dared to let him go… inch by inch… We built up trust and feel confidence. Deep gratitude.
Fam. v. O.

Dear Yvonne, You are warm, funny and know what you are talking about. Thanks to you we are more able to recognize our’paterns’. We actually changed things for the better. Gratefull and HAPPYYYY

Fam A. te G.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You walked side by side when I needed you. Through thick and thin you were there for me.

So good that you exist.


About Yvonne

It took me over 40 years to go from surviving to actually LIVING. All these years of development I have shared my knowledge and thoughts as a woman, wife, mother and, among other things, as a “trainer” in families in which autism and highly sensitivity plays a role. And … as clown Fie: A perfect companion for your sensitiv child.

in my own practice, I assist you and your family by inspiring to grow with warmth, vulnerability and lightheartedness. Being able to do that together with you makes me happy.



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